Following Tenders / Quotations are invited by the college:

Tender PTA01/MEC/2019 Purchase of Air Conditioners
Quotation No. 6/2019-20/MEC/PTA Printing of Brochure
Quotation No. 5/2019-20/MEC/PTA Fencing for 11 KVA Pole
Quotation - Removal of Dried / Fallen Trees and Branches
Quotation No. 25/2018-19/MEC Purchase of Air Conditioner for eLearning Lab
Quotation No. 2/2019-20/MEC-PTA Purchase of GPS Device & Panic button for institution vehicles
Quotation No. 1/2019-20/MEC-PTA Purchase of ID-CARD Printer   Extension Notice
Quotation No. 12/2018-19/MEC-PTA Making of Display Boards for the institution
Tender No. PTA03/MEC/2018 - Retender Extension of College Ground Sketch Measurements
Tender No. PTA 06/MEC/2018 Construction and Maintenance of Toilets Estimate  Schedule  Drawings
Tender No.A2(M)/1121/2019/MEC- PTA Maintenance Work of Windows Estimate
Tender No. PTA 05/MEC/2018 Construction of shuttle court Estimate
Quotation No. 11/2018-19/MEC-PTA Electrification work for the lift of the institution
Quotation No.A2(M)/472/2019/MEC- PTA Renovation of electrical wiring, e-learning lab.
Quotation No.A2(M)/475/2019/MEC- PTA Supply of chairs, e-learning Lab.
Quotation No. A2(M)/3961/2019/MEC- PTA Plastering of Floor
Quotation No. A2(M)/473/2019/MEC- PTA Networking 15 computers in e-learning Lab
Quotation No. A2(M)/474/2019/MEC- PTA Supply of Pre-Laminated Particle Board
Tender No. PTA 04/MEC/2018 Construction of Car Parking Shed Drawing 1Drawing 2
Tender No.10/2018-19/MEC Air Conditioner and Air Filter  Extension Notice
Tender No.3/2018-19/MEC Equipments for Biomedical Deparment  Extension Notice
Tender Extension Notice No. 19/2018-19/MEC, Lecturn
Quotation No.9/2018-19/MEC-PTA Construction of Retaining wall and levelling ground for New Auditorium Ground
Tender Extension Notice No. 4/2018-19/MEC, Mechanical Tools and Equipments
Quotation No.21/2018-19/MEC Rheostat and Static over current relay kit
Quotation No.8/2018-19/MEC-PTA Construction of Ramp
Quotation No.20/2018-19/MEC Painting and Tiling of the Kitchen for Men's Hostel
Quotations Extension Notice
Tenders Extension Notice
Quotation No.17/2018-19/MEC Indoor wifi access points
Quotation No.14/2018-19/MEC Laptop and Printer
Quotation No.19/2018-19/MEC Lecturn
Quotation No.15/2018-19/MEC Motors
Quotation No.18/2018-19/MEC Physics Lab Equipments
Quotation No.16/2018-19/MEC Safety Equipments
Quotation No.6/2018-19/MEC/PTA Consultant for NBA Accreditation activities
Quotation No.5/2018-19/MEC/PTA GPS Device & Panic button for the institution Vechile
Quotation No.13/2018-19/MEC Group (Accident) welfare policy for the students
Tender No.8/2018-19/MEC Measuring Instruments
Tender No.4/2018-19/MEC Mechanical Tools and Equipments
Tender No.7/2018-19/MEC Oscilloscope and Function Generator
Tender No.5/2018-19/MEC Passive Components
Tender No.6/2018-19/MEC Projectors
Tender No.9/2018-19/MEC Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers
Tender No.2/2018-19/MEC Microwave test bench setup with source and Auxillary components
Quotation No. 12/2018-19/MEC UPS' Extension Notice
Quotation No.11/18-19/MEC (Lib) Library Books
Tender No.10/2018-19/MEC Sports Goods
Tender No.PTA04/2018/MEC Peripherals for setting up IOT Lab
Quotation No. 4/2018-19/MEC-PTA Jersey for College Sports Team
Quotation. 3/2018-19/MEC/PTA Repairing of LCD Projectors
Quotation No. 9/18-19/MEC Tree Cutting
Tender No. PTA03/MEC/2018 Extension of College Ground
Quotation No. 1/18-19 Security Guards/Watch Men for Men's hostel
Tender No. PTA01/MEC/2018 Modernisation of Office Block Schedule Extension Notice
Quotation No. 2/2018-19/MEC/PTA Materials for electrification works of graphics hall
Quotation No. A2/1978/2018/MEC/PTA Providing Bus Service
Quotation No. 1/18-19/MEC College Canteen
Quotations - Extension Notice
Tender No. 2/2018-19/MEC Vector Network Analyser - E tender
Quotation No. 7/2018-19/MEC IC’s and related items for DC lab
Quotation No. 6/2018-19/MEC Electrical & Allied items for DC Lab
Quotation No. 5/2018-19/MEC Transistors,Semi Conductors and Miscellaneous items for DC lab
Tender No. PTA02/MEC/2018 Extension of College Canteen and Maintenance of Existing building
Quotation No. 4/2018-19/MEC Purchase of PC based logic analyser
Tender No. 1/2018-19/MEC Purchase of Spice Tool
Quotation No. 3/2018-19/MEC Purchase Mobile Handset Trainer Kit
Quotation No. 2/2018-19/MEC Purchase of FPGA Trainer Kit
Quotation No. 1/2018-19/MEC/PTA Purchase of Wifi Access Point
Quotation No. 1/2018-19/MEC Purchase of Water Cooler for Men's Hostel
Quotation No PC/MEC/2018-1 Purchase of Laptops for Placement Cell
Quotation No 4/2017-18/MEC/PTA Partition of KTU Exam Control Room
Quotation No 21/2017-18/MEC Purchase of Photocopier Machine
Quotation No 20/2017-18/MEC Purchase of LCD Projectors
Quotation No 18/2017-18/MEC Purchase of Computers
Quotation No 19/2017-18/MEC Equipments for Biomedical Department
Quotation No 16/2017-18/MEC Purchase of Chairs
Quotation No 17/2017-18/MEC Purchase of Printers
Quotation No 4/2017-18/MEC/PTA Materials for Electrification Works of Graphics Hall
Quotation No 15/2017-18/MEC Computer Monitors
Tender No.6/2017-18/MEC Computer Systems - FIST Project
Tender No.8/2017-18/MEC Equipments for Biomedical Department Extension Notice
Tender No.7/2017-18/MEC Equipments for Electrical Department Extension Notice
Tender No.6/2017-18/MEC Equipments for Electronics Department Extension Notice
Quotation No. 6/2017-18 Network Accessories for e-Learning Lab - FIST - Notification