Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell or Internal Audit Cell (IQAC/IAC) comprises of senior faculty members having representation from each department and is constituted by the Principal for the purpose of ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic and administrative tasks. A senior member of IQAC shall be its coordinator

  • The term of IQAC shall be one academic year
  • IQAC shall conduct internal academic audits and produce the required documents and records to the External Auditor appointed by the University, on demand
  • IQAC is also responsible for uploading monthly report, annual report and any other data required by the University
  • IQAC will aim to develop and apply quality benchmarks/parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the institution
  • IQAC shall ensure equitable access to resources for various classes of the society, and to organize conduct of remedial coaching and bridge programmes as and when it is needed
  • IQAC shall strive to incorporate modern methods into the teaching learning process
  • NSS Faculty in charge

Members of the IQAC for the current tenure

Mr. Krishnadas G (Chairman)

Associate Prof in Mathematics

Dr Sreenivas P (Member)

Associate Prof in Mechanical Engineering

Dr Binesh T (Member)

Associate Prof in Electronics Engineering

Dr Bindu C J (Member)

Associate Prof in Electrical Engineering

Mrs. Aysha Fymin Majeed (Member)

Asst. Prof in Computer Science and Engineering

Mrs. Sincy P S (Member)

Asst. Prof in Biomedical Engineering