Academic Council

The Academic Council is a body which assists the Principal in decision making with regard to academic, courses of instruction, and rules of discipline of students. This body is constituted by the Principal. The council will be asked to consider and report on any question concerning the academic, courses of instruction and rules of discipline by the Principal. The council meets at least once in a month. The tenure of the members is three years. The organizational structure of Academic Council consists of the following members.

  • Principal
  • All Department Heads
  • Administrative Officer
  • Research and PG programme coordinator
  • NBA Coordinator
  • Senate Faculty Adviser
  • NSS Faculty in charge
  • PTA Secretary
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell Chairman
  • Physical Education Director
  • A Senior Technical Support Staff
  • Placement Officer
  • Librarian
  • Hostel Warden
  • Faculty in charge of Students grievance cell

The functions of the Academic Council are as below:

  • To discuss and adapt all important policy decisions before getting promulgated. The Principal can override any decision taken by the council in case of any contingency, on communication to the Academic Council
  • To formulate the vision, mission and strategic plan of the college before being put up in the Board of Governors for approval
  • To prepare academic calendar for the institution in tune with the University calendar
  • To prepare information brochure for dissemination among the stake holders
  • To discuss complaints regarding students and to suggest appropriate disciplinary actions
  • To conduct periodic analysis of result upon declaration of the results of University Examinations
  • To help the Principal in maintaining discipline and for the smooth conduct of academic and non-academic matters in the college
  • To act as a liaisoning entity with various bodies like PTA, Alumni Association etc

The present members of the Academic Council

Dr. Jacob Thomas V

Principal-in-charge, Chairman of Academic Council

Dr Rajesh V G

HOD, Dept of Mechanical Engineering and convener

Dr Laila D

HOD, Department of Electronics & Communication

Dr Bindu V

HOD, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty in charge of Students grievance cell

Dr Minimol B

HOD, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Mr. Manilal D L

HOD, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Hostel Warden

Dr Remadevi S

HOD, Department of Applied Sciences

Sri Rainold P R

Administrative Officer

Dr Binesh T

Accreditation Coordinator

Sri Irshad Ali T K

Senate Faculty Adviser

Sri Kannadas P K

NSS Faculty in charge

Dr Sreenivas P

PTA Secretary

Mr. Krishnadas G

Chairman, IQAC

Mr. Johnson Philip

Physical Education Director

Smt. Bella Jacob

Foreman, Dept of Biomedical Engineering

Smt. Smitha K

Senior Office Assistant, Academic section A3(2)

Dr. Rajesh M. V

Placement Officer

Smt. Leena K K